Hello from Nia Technique!

If you have been thinking of stepping into the Nia White Belt Intensive, below are some FAQ which will provide an outline on what the White Belt is and might answer some questions on your readiness to step in. The next White Belt is in Stellenbosch (23-29 March 2019).


What is Nia?
Nia is the Love your Body Workout!, a powerful, unique, and inspiring, cardiovascular-based movement practice that stimulates and conditions body, mind and spirit. Through conscious engagement of 52 Moves, nine Movement Forms (from Martial Arts, Dance Arts and Healing Arts), and focused attention, not on only the outcome of fitness, but the SENSATION of functional fitness, Nia delivers a multidimensional body-mind workout that no other movement programme can match. More than working-out, Nia moves you from the inside out. Students are guided to personalise their movements toward what feels right for them, allowing each individual to do it their own way. Mindfulness, imagination, and expression are interwoven for a holistic, integrative, body-mind experience that leaves participants feeling energised, happy, healthy and WHOLE! And the BEST part? Anyone can do it! Nia is ageless and limitless, transformational and effective for every person everywhere from athletes, dancers, and fitness aficionados, to children, special needs groups and the elderly… most of all, Nia is exhilarating, creative, transformational and fun.

Ok… now I know what Nia is… and I LOVE the classes, but what is the Nia White Belt Training?
The Nia White Belt Training is a six-day training over two weekends (or the one-week format) that takes the Nia student deeper into self-mastery through the Nia Movement and Life Practice. It’s one thing to do a class, follow the teacher, sense your body, connect with community, and vibe on really great music. For some this is enough, but for those who are really passionate about becoming body/mind aware, the White Belt Training is the most practical way to learn how to go from Nia STUDENT to Nia PRACTITIONER (sounds technical, but what we mean by practitioner is learning Nia from the inside-out and transitioning from someone who simply takes a class, following the teacher’s directions to someone who can direct their body and life with purpose, power and self-determination - what we call in Nia a Sacred Athlete).

What is the breakdown of movement/lecture/interactive discussion ratio?
All trainings involve approximately 60% experiential movement participation and 40% lecture/interactive discussion. Self-paced, everybody is encouraged to do their best, and find the structure of the training perfectly balanced for learning, embodying and flourishing.

What is the cost of the training?
More than the cost, the White Belt Training is an INVESTMENT - investment in yourself, your body, your life, and your health. The financial investment is $US 1,200 (roughly equivalent to R15,096 (at the current exchange rate). However, 50% of the fee is payable over three months, if necessary, you can talk to me about that.

That seems like a lot of money! I’m not sure I can afford it.
We spend money on our car, and other material things, STUFF! Why not invest in ourselves? Personally, I have invested in Nia training during some of the most financially challenging years in my life. I made the commitment to do the trainings and manifested the money somehow, after I made the decision to do it. I consider it one the BEST investments I have ever made in my own development that will guide me through the rest of my life. Whether I teach, or not, I still want to be IN my body, cultivate Joy in every movement and moment in my life, navigate my life path with purpose, precision, creativity, intimacy, curiosity, sacredness and grace. For all of this, the price is a bargain.

I do not intend to teach Nia. I’m not sure the training is for me.
Everybody steps into the Nia White Belt Training, first for THEMSELVES for personal development to learn about their body, learning techniques for amplified awareness and transformation through Nia’s unique body and life practices. Some decide they would like to share Nia by becoming a Nia teacher. Either way, whether for personal or professional development, the Nia White Belt Training will TRANSFORM you.

I would love to hear from you. Let me know if you have any questions and perhaps clarify and chat about how to help you step into this phenomenal training, igniting a body and life you LOVE!